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Flexo CTPAmsky Aura 600

CTP Flexo advanced, reliable and high-end plate making technology, Flexo CTP unique model of the same properties as Aura Auto Models 800 including automatic loading and unloading plates offering high productivity and ease of use. No flexo CTP offers these properties, has the ability to shoot on:

             - Film (film)

             - FlexoPlates
             - Letterpres Plates ploiester

Aura 600 E/S

Aura 600 M

Aura 800  E/S

Aura 800 Auto loader

Brouches Aura 600 E/S - Spicifications


Auto termostática Constant

The temperature control system in the thermostatic laser can perform automatic adjustment of a minimum precision of 0.1 degrees positive or negative. At optimum temperature conditions, the laser output is more stable and the life of the laser is lengthened to a great extent.


Auto balance system does not need more than 5 seconds to adjust the roll and ready to operate quickly getting the maximum productivity.
Uses a pneumatic system to move the balancing system

Dynamic Auto-focus

With the third generation of dynamic autofocus technology, the accurate position measuring system of Amsky equipments can directly detect such minute distance change as 0.1μm. Driven by voice coil motor, they can also trace any change in focal length at an incredible acceleration of 30 gravity in order to ensure the continuous accuracy of local length. The combination of these unique features not only guarantees the deviation of density between any two spots is less than 0.3% in a full page of tint, but also avoids blue marks and blurs caused by tiny dusts on the drum surface.

Fast Balance & Auto Switch of Laser Channel

During the plate loading and unloading period, our laser beam balancing system can accomplish the detection and adjustments of all laser energy within few seconds. Laser power can be calibrated automatically before exposing plate every time without any influence in the speed of outputting plates, to ensure each laser burning on the plate with same power, all lines and screen spots are full and identical on every plate. When any laser channel breaks down, laser beam auto switch system can continue outputting through the rest longest consecutive channel in order to ensure non-stop production and offer users stable and superior practical experience.


Magnetic-drive Linear Motor

More Accurate
More Stable



Exposure method::

Laser channel::

Output speed::

maximun Size::

Plate Type:

Plate thickness::


plate loading::


Focus adjust:






Aura 600E                                              Aura 600S

External Drum

16 diodes                                                                 32 diodes

1.25 m2 / Hour at 4.000 dpi                                     2.5 m2 / Hour at 4.000dpi

Maximum size680x430 mm.

Digital Flexographic Plate

0.15 to 1.7mm.

Maual load and unload

Maximum resolution 4.000 dpi


Dynamic autofocus

400 kgs

1087x770x1000 mm.
Mono phase 220-240 vol. Maximum power 3 kw.

We recommend 20-25 ° C, Relative Humidity 65-70 ° K ..

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